Sometimes the best ideas start off at home. When Sheri Schmelzer spent an afternoon crafting at home with her kids, she unknowingly discovered a multi-million dollar product that would completely change her life. What did she invent? Decorative flare for Crocs shoes.
The little clay, bead, rhinestone and fabric buttons she crafted to decorate her kids’ Crocs were gaining the attention of children at the playground as well as those children’s parents. Soon, Sheri’s crafts were in demand. Her husband—a long-time entrepreneur—knew they were onto something and they soon patented the idea and started a business.
One year and 8 million sales later, Jibbitz was sold to Crocs for $10 million. Not too bad for something that started as an innocent footwear decoration!
Sheri stayed on at her former company as chief design officer and supplied her creative talents any time new designs were needed. Sheri and her husband, Rich, now also head a new company, called Limit Three, where they help guide women through the beginning of entrepreneurial ventures. They also started a company called GeoPalz that produces pedometers to encourage kids to get off the couch and be active.