Undeniably, Paula Deen is one of the top foodies to come from south of the Mason-Dixon Line. A Georgia native, Paula was not always the American icon or innovative entrepreneur you know today. At 42, she found herself reeling from a divorce that left her penniless, near homelessness and the mother of two.
With the last $200 to her name, Paula started a home-based business called The Bag Lady. Nearly five years later, she opened a family restaurant called The Lady and Sons and self-published a cookbook that found its way into the hands of a renowned publishing house.
Today, Paula Deen Enterprises has over 17 licensing ventures, from cookware to foods. She has written over 14 cookbooks, co-owns a restaurant with her brother called Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House and publishes a magazine, Cooking With Paula Deen. Paula is currently the utmost authority on southern fare, home cooking and family recipes.