After receiving her Master’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park, Kathryn Freeland spent five years in the trenches, working hard to move up in a company that would later pass her up for an outsider and then have the audacity to ask her to train her superior.

She never thought she had what it took to become an entrepreneur, but when she was passed up for a promotion she rightfully deserved, she knew she no longer wanted her success to be defined (or determined) by a force she could not control.

With the extensive help of SCORE counselors, Kathryn started a company based upon her experience with the federal government; a company that would support the federal government through information technology, systems integration and engineering solutions.

As the business grew, so did her family. Determined not to let “mommy guilt” settle in, Kathryn gave serious thought as to why she started the business and what she wanted the business to do for her family. With the help of a wonderful support system, she moved forward with her plans. Later, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she would once again rely on her support system to carry her through.

After reaching a certain level of success, Kathryn knew it was time to sell the company so that it could continue to grow. After selling the company, Kathryn took time off to enjoy her children. When they went off to college, she got right back on the horse and bought A-Tek.