Christine Eads refuses to let “being a victim” be synonymous with “being kept silent.” Although Christine suffered terrible events in her life, including being abducted and sexually assaulted, she was able to turn that into a mission to help others cope with similar tragedies. She is outspoken about her beliefs and the wisdom she can share with others. In fact, she broadcasts her opinions as much as possible. Literally.

With more than 20 years in the film, TV and radio industries, she definitely knows how to navigate the airwaves. Currently, she puts her technical knowledge and her gift of gab to good use as host of Sirius XM Radio’s Broadminded, an idea she conceived after listening to yet another female “sidekick” on a man’s show. Annoyed by the typical male-dominated opinions in stereo, Christine pitched the idea of a show created for women and by women.
Her ease in the studio allows her to be open and honest about everything from the joys and struggles of single-parenthood, to the challenging and awkward world of dating. Christine and co-host Molly Dedham have been connecting with their listeners and spreading their wit and wisdom since 2005; and Broadminded shows no signs of retiring any time soon.