As a child who was raised in Washington, DC without either of her natural parents, Cinnamon McCann revealed impressive aspirations and desire to succeed and to motivate women using ambitious concepts.

After obtaining a psychology degree from DePauw University in Indiana, she found her personality better suited as an entrepreneur. She quit her first job after only a couple of months to launch her first company; focusing on emotionally and learning disabled or adjudicated youth. Rapid success leveraged her business to acquire contracts Statewide. Cinnamon later expanded her company to provide training in the federal space.  Although with such growth begets a new list of issues. After realizing that her passion of working with youngsters had been replaced by administrative and personnel challenges, Cinnamon closed the business.

Burned out, Cinnamon refocused new energies in real estate and day trading. This also spawned an idea to create a financial education website for women entitled; “Financial Fashion House”. Her intention was to teach women how to become financially savvy by using something exciting to relate to – fashion.

Although successful, she found the lack of social interaction to be less fulfilling on both a personal and professional level.  When the recession overcame the real estate market, Cinnamon’s business took a turn for the worse and caused temporary financial havoc.  After a brief bout with depression, Cinnamon turned sadness into new found revelation with a nudge of powerful internal passion.

Again she turned to fashion as a source of inspiration to educate women. This led to Cinnamon’s Stiletto Book series.  “Stilettos represent a sexy confidence for women and my goal is to empower women with that same self-assurance and confidence into a variety of how-to guides,” she explained.

Her objective is to encourage women not to give up on their dreams and aspirations.  Because women must take on so many roles, too many let their own dreams falter. “Women deal with so many pressures – from being a good wife, sister, mother, or even business owner or good employee – that very often we sacrifice our own aspirations for these roles in order to make others happy.”

Coming from a place of understanding and support, Cinnamon adds her latest book You Made It: Mom Entrepreneur Edition to inspire women entrepreneurs.